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Global Beauty Project_2019



Global Beauty Project is nonprofit, founded by Baltimore Makeup Artist, Kristen Floyd, that features strong, powerful women that embody the movement and unity in these divisive times. Each installment presents a female focused forum and highlights powerful photographic installations. The project captures the distinctive characteristics of the women around us every day and features them together in a stunning collection.

The Global Beauty Project represents more than just the ‘Western’ ideal of beauty and the forum aims to represent our diverse community of women. Focusing on what makes each woman unique – color and race, religion and nationality, LGBTQ+ orientation, women who identify as feminists or activists, immigrants and advocates. This project stresses the importance of Women Supporting ALL Women – uniting us – and acting as a catalyst for moving forward and healing as a society.

Coming Spring 2020, Global Beauty Project will be revealing its most recent set of powerful images. Each exhibit presents a panel made up of the featured women allowing for thoughtful conversation about their role in the installation and society. We look forward to sharing this project and the stories of these dynamic women with you.

Photos are from the inaugural Global Beauty Project event March 2019. Special thanks to our featured activists - Tiffany Harris, Saida Agostini, Brittany Oliver, Zainab Chaudry - and the team behind the scenes.  Creative Director & Makeup Artist, Kristen Floyd, Hair by Anthony Fikes and photography courtesy of MILTON LAWRENCE PHOTOGRAPHY.

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